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    Winter Wardrobe Essential: Must Have Fashion Trends for 2020

    Winter Wardrobe Essential: Must Have Fashion Trends for 2020 - Chic Sara

    With every new season, your wardrobe undergoes a change. You refashion your closet and fill it up with new fashion trends that could complement the changing weather while keeping you in style at the same time. we are mostly influenced by what celebrities wear and what we see on runways fashion shows. Let's plunge into the ocean of emerging fashion trends if you feel like you do need a new wardrobe. It's time to be motivated by such a stunning 2020 fashion trend inspired by runaway street style displays. Best prepared to add these classiest trends to your wardrobe.

    From timeless bits to new trends, there are plenty of looks for everyone. Be ready to update your closet with these new fashion trends. Let’s take a look at these insanely amazing fashion trends to follow this winter season in 2020.


    1. Experiment with Bold and Loud Colors

    The fashion industry has always been influenced by bright colors. These bright and scintillating colors are the best way to show your creative and bold side of the world. You have to select one- or two-colored items and then style neutral pieces around it. Wear a bold coat or use layering approaches to add a certain luminosity. A color pop with dynamic accessories can also enhance your outfit. Such color bursts lighten up everyone's day and quickly boost your style. Instead of opting for conventional colors, try something loud and bold this season. Experiment with bright colors or neon. The best way to make your outfit stand out is to accessorize your outfits with statement jewelry pieces.

    Winter Fashion


    2. Camel Coat to Keep you Warm

    A camel coat is a savior who fits on nearly every event, suits every skin tone while keeping you warm and cozy. This everlasting fashion trend is adored everywhere and is the perfect way to spice up your fashion game. Style it with jeans leather or even dresses. Camel coat never goes out of fashion maybe because it's truly a neutral color and goes well with every color like Black, white, red, pink, blue, even neon. 

    Camel Coat

    3. Leather Coats to the Rescue

    Leather and faux-leather dominated this season's fashion trend. A must-have for this winter season. Leather coats are the safest choice for your street style as you can’t go wrong with this trend. keep yourself comfortable and nice and warm with a faux leather coat. You can pair it with a mini skirt or jeans, also accessorize it by using a belt and wear it as a dress. The best compliment to every woman's wardrobe is a leather skirt. Go for pencil shape, A-line, the leather button-down skirts. A dress made of leather is a must this season. An investment piece that never loses its worth is a leather jacket.

    Leather Coat

    4. Puffer Jackets/ Down Jackets

    Winter is all about keeping yourself warm and comfortable. As Bill Cunningham said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." While traveling in winter, puffer jackets or down jackets are the perfect way to keep you warm. Lucky for us as puffer jacket is this season's on-trend. This cozy trend will never go out of trend. Go for neutrals like black and brown. Wear a puffer jacket with a hood, it will not only provide extra warmth but also enhances your outfit. Your artistic, courageous, and lively personality will be reflected by this bold and daring trend. 

    Puffer Jackets


    5. Knitted Sweaters Keep It Warm and Cool

    Knitted sweaters and cardigans are here to save us all from this harsh winter. There's nothing like a super-cozy sweater that helps you feel warm and comfortable. It really gives you comfort, leaves you feeling cozy. Try knitted sweaters with socks. shop in for the hottest sweaters, cardigans, and eye-catching pieces that will keep you warm during the colder months. This season, knitted shawls are fairly common, and have the obvious advantage of covering your back.

    Knitted Sweaters


    6. Neutral Colors

    Neutral colors are in demand this season, from neutral color dresses to coats and jackets. These stylized neutral outfits are perfect for all. Be not afraid to play with the various tones of these neutrals like sand or camel color. one of the season's most influential color combination is neutral tones with blue hues. It blends and puts a mystical twist in your outfits. For anybody, it's an excellent choice to add blue to your neutral-colored outfits.

    Neutral Colors


    7. Velvet for Cold Months

    Fall and winter are typical velvet seasons. Designers like Valentino and Chanel has brought the 90's velvet fashion trend back in the focus. This stylish fabric gives a costly feeling for any ensemble making you look sophisticated and royal.

    Valentino Chanel


    8. Animal Print for this Season

    Animal prints are back in action so you can hold on to your tiger or leopard print dresses and coats for this winter season. In fact, leopard prints were never out of fashion and probably never will. As we approach the 2020s, this popular fashion trend undergoing a great revival in popularity. Animal prints signify individuality, trust, attractiveness, and bold personality. You can wear animal prints with neutrals black, browns, grays, cream, beige, etc. 

    Animal print


    9. Accessorize your Outfit 

    These statement jewelry pieces (accessorize) are the best way to spice up your outfit and are an essential addition to your wardrobe. This season its no different big statement jewelry found its way back to the frontline. Accessorize like big chunky chains (neckless) are back in action. Pair them with plain outfits or neutral colored dresses to add style. Experiment with oversized and chunky patterns to a delicate item.



    10. Big Chunky Boots

    This latest chunky boot style will help you achieve this charming and charismatic look that's trendy and elegant. Uncover the trendy personality by matching your boots with a maxi dress. Chunky boots are the best way to combat this season wintry cold winds. They give a very elegant and sophisticated look to your outfits and also keeps your feet warm and comfortable. Pair them with miniskirts to bring back that 90’s vibe.